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      Jesuit Daily Prayer Resources - Pray as you go

     The PREGO is a Weekly leaflet to help you pray the Sunday Mass Readings and find the Liturgy                             of the Word takes on new life and meaning.

Use the weekly PREGO for your prayer group or for personal reflection.

This week's PREGO    please click here

    PREGO PLUS - an additional page providing simple background material on the two Scripture texts.

It is recommended to pray the texts first, then refer to PREGO PLUS if you wish.

PREGO PLUS    please click here   


The Prego prayer group now meets, starting Wednesday 2nd March

at 7.00 pm the Church of the Sacred Heart, Old Colwyn,

At St Augustine’s Priory House on a weekly basis during

school term times.

If you have not been before (or else maybe not been for ages),

you will be MOST WELCOME.  As always, there are no ties.

Why not try it and see if you like it.

We look forward for you to give to and to receive support

from others in the sharing of prayer.

If you know of someone else - Catholic or otherwise; church-goer or not who you feel might benefit from

the evenings, please don't hesitate to invite them to come with you.

EVERYONE will be most welcome.


       The meetings are guided and organised by Fr Damian Jackson SJ from St Beuno's Ignatian Centre in Tremerchion - Nr St Asaph.

 St Beuno's is a spiritual centre which is run by Jesuits where many retreats are held.

 A map of the area can be found at the following link: St Beuno's