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This was the title of a wonderful talk given on January 17th 2015 by Fr Roger Dawson, the director of St Beuno's Centre of Spirituality. Roger is a clinical psychologist. The talk could equally have been entitled  How to live a fulfilled and happy life.' Over a period of 2 hours which slipped by unbelievably quickly, we saw how living positively is conducive to happiness and well-being. It was pure psychology but in the end it was seen to be completely linked in to the teachings of Jesus and indeed the teaching of the main world religions.  The afternoon was attended by around 35 - 40 people.


A thoroughly informative and very enjoyable afternoon with so much to try and remember. Seldom have I wanted a copy of a talk to take away, but I did today. Many thanks.

A very thought-provoking and inciteful talk, backed up with some brilliant down to earth practical exercises to try in our daily lives. Thank you .... I'll try my best to apply them!

We really enjoyed Fr Roger's talk! Very interesting, a lot to think about and absorb. I felt so much happier and better for being here today!

Fr Roger brought our Christian upbringing back to life. Positive thinking is certainly helpful to our well-being. Excellent. Easy to understand deep thoughts. Thank you.

Very enlightening, enjoyable, interesting. I love the idea of remembering the things we have to be grateful for each day. I will definitely practise this exercise.

Very inspiring, positive experience.

Liked the role play.

Learned a lot.

Shalom. I am a URC lay minister. Enlightening . God bless.

A reminder that our faith life is a journey...there is so much to work at.

Encouraging. Thank you!     


“Life Before Death” a talk by  Fr Roger Dawson

Organised by the Adult Faith Group 2015